Privacy Policy

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Our privacy policy sets out the basic terms and conditions relating to how we collect and use user information:

  • All users of our website consent to the collection of their personal data by our website, as long as this data is used solely for the purpose of providing them with effective resources and content. This data may include, but is not limited to, e-mail addresses, name, country of origin, location data, gender, age, IP address, and device definitions.
  • We make all possible efforts, within our means, to protect any personal data collected from our users. This protection covers data compromise via theft, technical loss, and misuse but does not cover any data loss resulting from means beyond our control, such as unforeseen circumstances, natural disasters, or acts of God.
  • We will protect the privacy of user data within reasonable means - however, we may pass on user data to third-party-vendors or services, with the user's explicit permission. We do not take responsibility for how these third-party vendors or services use this data once it is passed on to them.
  • User data is collected and used only with the intention of providing readers with enhanced browsing and reading experiences, by analyzing their browsing history, browsing habits, and online casino preferences. We may also use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, which users can opt-out from at any time.
  • We will not keep any user's personal data for longer than is necessary, or 1 month from the date of the last visit at the longest.
  • We assume the right to amend this policy at any time and in the case of disputes, only the terms of our policy at the time of the dispute will hold.
  • All disputes will be settled as per the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which we are located.